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Healing & Flourishing Sessions

Healing & Flourishing Sessions


1.5 Hour Session 
This can be done through zoom or telephone 



I've experienced various things in my life that I didn't label at first as "trauma." I went through life all the way into my adulthood, convincing myself I was fine and blocking parts of my life experiences as if it never happened and feared speaking about it. If you are that person that tends to find ways to just roll with the punches and not talk about your emotions and struggle to start your healing process, this is for you.


Molestation, abuse, rape, career, friendships and relationship traumas...…let's talk about it! Learn how to unpack, be comfortable speaking, releasing and heal through it. You will get a personalized plan to work towards your stages and the cool thing is, we will work on this plan together to discover what works best for you and I will personalize it for you. We will work together at your pace, going through the process of healing in terms with refined methods and flourish in all areas in your life. You don't have to process, accept and heal alone!

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