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Female Presenter

Jen Simpson

Author. Mentor. Coach. Speaker. Survivor

Meet Jen Simpson

Jen is an Award-winning and best-selling Amazon author born in Browns Hall, St. Catherine, Jamaica and lived most of her life in Toronto, Canada. She is known for my contagious, welcoming, devoted, inspirational and compassionate spirit, and the winner of Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch in 2022. She is a wearer of many hats, and also a senior real estate law clerk specializing in condominium development and commercial transactions, an inspirational, personal development and transformational speaker and coach, co-founder and CEO of multiple businesses, founder of the Roots of Jenerational Legacy Foundation and founder and host of Life's Deceit Podcast, formerly known as Commitment To A Deceitful Liar Podcast.

Throughout her life, she has been known for my powerful voice and positive, supportive, and encouraging spirit. She uses her quotes, knowledge, and experience to reach people of all different walks of life. She always had a passion for writing and knew she wanted to become an author and use her books  to make permanent noise, change, and cause a generational shift.

Jen is passionate about helping people to improve the quality of their lives by growing, healing, discovering their purpose, and breaking away from toxic generation cycles. She strives to increase understanding about the importance of our own self-awareness, mindset, repeated patterns, purpose, and growing through our changes. The power to help at-risk women and children navigate through their healing process, and building a successful life requires a powerful team.

Jen's Story

There was a point in my life I didn’t think I had it in me, and I didn’t believe I had a powerful voice and I almost believed that God planted purpose in me by accident. I felt alone, broken, and useless, and after being raped and trying to go through a tough healing process, I felt damaged and defeated. I didn’t think that I was loved; I didn’t know how to love my own self. My mom turned her back on me when I needed her in my most exposed moment of my life. I didn’t have that person, that best friend, or big sister I wanted to pour out to, lean on, and get the support I needed while I was going through my different seasons and stages of healing. Getting to know myself was hard.

Even though I was in my lowest possible moments, I continually was trying to find myself in church, find a family/a home where I felt wanted, where I fit in – I didn’t want to feel like an outcast. I didn’t want that label of a “raped and damaged” girl to be attached to me and be my reason for not stepping into my purpose, so I tried to hide and search for signs from God through other people. That’s when I fell to my knees and learned the true meaning of “let go and let God.”

I learned how to give God full control of my life, and put him above all things. I made God my foundation and source; I surrendered and released the things I needed to heal deeply and truly. It was painful and some days it felt lonely, but I learned the beauty and freedom of forgiveness. God has given me a purpose bigger than me – the purpose I spent years trying to deny and avoid. God blessed me with a life that I never imagined in a million years – a life I didn’t think I deserved, and I want to share that life with everyone.


I believe that every person has a purpose and is powerful. Our power and purpose may not look the same or feel the same, but it’s purposeful and uniquely tailored to us. Our experiences are for a reason and a season. I want to be a voice for you and teach you how to embrace each season in your life and understand why you were gracefully given that season. I’ve learned that without the experiences and testimonies, we can’t really touch and connect with people on a deeper level. All my experiences, whether good or bad, painful, or filled with happiness, were given to me for a reason and are meant to pierce through someone else’s life; I am someone’s reason why and example to rise.

My truth is what I use and speak about to connect and help people transform, own their truth, and allow fear to fall off. My greatest satisfaction is from being able to use my truth and story to empower other people, especially women, to inspire and empower them to embrace their truth, love on themselves, own who they are, and start the healing process. I encourage others to unattach themselves from emotional shame, and lies that the past has instilled, such as that there's no beauty within them; they have to break away from toxic instilled generational cycles to start their growth journey.

My purpose is to be a voice that shifts generations and cause authentic transformation, unity, and a generational earthquake to break away from things that don’t belong attached to people. That is, my purpose is helping you discover that cycles can be broken, there is no shame in your truth, you are not attached to your trauma, and your experiences have purpose to drive you to your own change and gracefully stepping into purpose... your purpose.


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