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Healing is a process, not a destination. Allowing yourself to process your emotions, laughing and crying if you need to, is so healthy and normal. Flourishing through your journey is in you. Take the first steps, be determined and consistent in your healing process. It won't be easy, but allow yourself to feel, process, heal and flourish. Your healing is personal!

Processing Healing Flourishing

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Ever felt ashamed of an event or life experience and afraid of anyone knowing?
Jenelle Simpson isn't holding back in her bravely inspiring new series, part one of her book. An ultimately raw read, Jenelle provides a glimpse of her experience being raised in a West Indian home with all its beliefs and myths, her trauma, insecurities, sexual abuse, being raised with a step-father, domestic violence, and various struggles within the Black community.
Jenelle opens up fully about her life in an inspiring book that encourages learning, healing, and not feeling ashamed about our life experiences.
Jenelle uses some Jamaican patois to bring the Jamaican culture and its effect alive for her readers.
This book is the product of a profound healing journey of trauma, abuse, and toxic generational cycles and attachments. Jenelle is the story of how one person's trauma can be used for a greater purpose and not bottled up with shame. To help others heal and use their experiences to flourish and understand that they're not alone.

Take the first steps, remove that feeling of shame, and dive into this raw story.

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Misunderstood: A Big Brother's Journey

Being a sibling is both the most rewarding and challenging experience you can have.
Being an only child is no fun. After endless days of begging for a baby sister, Rushawn is finally rewarded by being told Mom is pregnant! What he thought would be all fun and games quickly becomes a never ending lesson in responsibility and growing pains. Rushawn always wanted a baby sister. He just didn't know how much his life would change when it happened. No matter how much life changes, Rushawn knows there will always be the one thing a family needs: love.

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Finding Strength Within


In the face of trauma, the human spirit has an incredible capacity to endure, adapt, and heal. However, the path to healing is often complex and unique to each individual. In this book, we embark on a journey to understand what trauma really is; I will be sharing personal stories from myself to support my points.
This book is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of sharing personal narratives. By exploring the significance of personal stories in understanding and healing from trauma, I hope to empower others and inspire individuals to embark on their own healing journeys, foster empathy and understanding, and contribute to a world where survivors are heard, supported, and empowered to keep thriving.

Healing From Within


Life is a journey filled with experiences, both positive and negative. While we often relish the joyful moments, it’s the challenging times that truly shape our character and resilience. Heartbreak, betrayal, and trauma are unfortunate realities that many of us face at some point in our lives. These experiences can leave us feeling wounded, guarded, and afraid to open ourselves up to others. However, it is important to remember that healing and trusting again is possible.
In this e-book, we’ll delve into the process of rebuilding after heartbreak, exploring the path to healing, restoring trust, and embracing life’s experiences with newfound strength and resilience.

Female Presenter

Its like the writer and I lived the same life. Everything she wrote about was 100% my life. Growing up as a Caribbean child the rules we are given makes up terrified to talk up when its time to do it.
This writer wrote a book not a story
She did not hold back with the details or how she felt about certain charactors im her book.
I really hope there is a continuation because
I need to know what happened with mom and tony.

Recia D.

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