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Meet Jen Simpson

Jen Simpson, with life-experiences she has learnt, shows you how to embrace your life experiences, unexpected situations, trauma, and the things of your past can be used to discover and walk into your purpose gracefully.

How to become the person God called you to be without resistance and fear, not feel ashamed and bottled up. How our experiences are meant to flourish us, not to cripple our dreams. 

About Jen

Senior Law Clerk | Entrepreneur | Personal Development & Transformational Speaker | Bestselling Amazon Author | Founder of Roots of Jenerational Legacy Foundation | Podcast Host

Jen Simpson is an Award-winning and best-selling Amazon author born in Browns Hall, St. Catherine, Jamaica and lived most of her life in Toronto, Canada. She is known for her contagious, welcoming, devoted, inspirational and compassionate spirit. she is the winner of Canada’s Top 100 Black Women to Watch in 2022, and a wearer of many hats. she is also a senior real estate law clerk specializing in condominium development and commercial transactions, an inspirational, personal development and transformational speaker and coach, co-founder and CEO of multiple businesses, founder of the Roots of Jenerational Legacy Foundation and founder and host of Life's Deceit Podcast, formerly known as Commitment To A Deceitful Liar Podcast.


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Taking Meeting Notes

Change does not happen until you acknowledge, accept, and gift yourself self-love. Change starts from within, and self-love makes it easier.

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